Storytelling & Its Relationship to Network Marketing

As you are working toward creating your ideal future and building your network marketing empire you may be wondering what you need to learn for this profession. In this article, I am going to talk with you about storytelling and its relationship to network marketing.


If you have listened to great teachers, preachers, and speakers, you have probably noticed that all of them tell stories when they are speaking. Why do they do this? Each point they make often has one or two different stories they tell to bring the point home.

The reason great speakers tell stories is because facts tell, and stories sell. This about a time when you were trying to influence your parents. Say, you were twelve years old and you wanted to be able to go to the skating park. Your parents were not sold on it, but you were not ready to give up.

You look at your parents and you say, “But Johnny’s parents let him go to the skating park. There are plenty of adults there and everything went fine with Johnny. It’s a good place to go and he was able to get exercise and meet new friends!” As you can tell, this is a story that you were using to sell your parents on your idea.

When we were kids, we already knew the importance of telling stories to get our point across, but oftentimes we get educated out of what works. We start trying to influence people with facts and it simply is not going to be as effective as telling stories.

Learn to tell stories since you are going to see much better results in your network marketing business when you do. You will be able to tell stories to show how your product is effective. You will be able to tell stories to show how your opportunity can help people. The more stories you learn to tell effectively, the more influential you are going to become.

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